Information about Teacher Cadet, 21-22 school year

    Online application for Teacher Cadet for the 2021-2022 school year

    Link to online teacher recommendation form

     Applications and recommendations are due by March 1, 2021.  If you need additional time, please contact Mrs. Woods at nancy.woods@lcps.org

    Tuberculosis screening/testing is required for this class.
    Teacher Cadet Program 844002
    Grade12 Credit: 1
    Prerequisite: 2.7 GPA, three teacher recommendations, a student essay, and an application process;  Students must have their own transportation to the feeder schools.

    The Teacher Cade Program is designed to attract talented high school students into the teaching profession through a challenging introduction to teaching. The student who completes Teacher Cadet will receive 3 elective credits from Shenandoah University that could be transferable to other colleges or universities. The program seeks to provide these students insight into the nature of teaching, the problems of schooling, and the critical issues affecting the quality of education in America’s schools. Students participate in field experiences in LCPS Grades K-12. Students work with classroom teachers at their chosen grade level of interest. Proof of tuberculosis (TB) screening is required. Students are responsible for getting a TB screening done prior to the start of the school year. This course counts as an elective credit. Upon successful completion of this course, students c

    Tuberculosis screening/testing is required for this class.
    TB Screening / Testing Info:

    OSHA requires our students to be screened for TB. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! 

     In accordance with the Loudoun County Program of Studies, “Proof of tuberculosis (TB) testing is required. Students are responsible for getting TB testing prior to the start of the school year.”  Written proof of a negative TB screening/test, signed by a health care professional, as documentation must be turned in by 9/18/2021.  Only a health care provider can determine whether your student needs the screening or the actual TB skin test or x-ray. 


    For your information:  The Ashburn clinic of the Loudoun County Health Department provides tuberculosis screenings.  
    Ashburn Clinic 
    45201 Research Place 
    Suite 120 
    Ashburn, VA 20147 
    The Ashburn clinic provides tuberculosis screenings only, at a cost of $15.03 per TB risk assessment. There is an additional charge of $7.00 if a TB test is placed as a result of the findings of the assessment. A chest X-ray may also be required to rule out tuberculosis, which is available at a separate charge. Patients are seen for TB screenings on a walk-in basis each Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  

    Teacher Cadet is an honors level course for seniors who are interested in exploring teaching as a career through the Virginia's Teachers for Tomorrow program.  It is a dual enrollment course. Teacher Cadets can earn four hours of transferrable college credit from Shenandoah University, if acceptable course work is completed.  Students must apply and be accepted into this program; applications are available from School Counseling or from Mrs. Woods in Room 315.  Deadlines for Application are on the application - students apply in early spring for the next school year.    
    Teacher Cadets explore different learning styles, educational philosophies, brain research, development skills, and they practive speaking/presentation and teaching techniques.  Observations in the fall at the elementary and middle school levels give Teacher Cadets a first-hand look at those age groups, as well a taste of varying classroom activities and teaching styles.  A 40+ hour internship with a mentor teacher provides the Teacher Cadet with hands-on teaching experiences.
    Assignments and other course materials are available to registered students on VISION.  Similar to Blackboard, VISION is a course management system.  Students may access much of the coursework may be accessed from home, using VISION.  Many assignments are turned in using VISION as well.
    Teacher Cadets learn the importance of involvement in educational associations by becoming members of Educators Rising, formerly Future Educators Association, and they are the leaders in our Educators Rising  chapter.  Educators Rising is sponsored by Phi Delta Kappa, an international education association.
    Course competencies for Teachers for Tomorrow as mandated by the state Department of Education may be found by clicking here.

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