• Ms. Lane  
    Welcome to third grade! Ms. Lane earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Virginia, and her Master of Science in Health Science from James Madison University. She completed postgraduate work at JMU in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  Ms. Lane earned her Master of Education in Elementary Education from Marymount University. During her training, Ms. Lane completed practicums in kindergarten, second, fourth, and fifth grade. She completed her student teaching in kindergarten and fifth grade. 

    Ms. Lane has taught preschool and kindergarten at several private schools, and undergraduate health courses as a faculty member of James Madison University.  This is Ms. Lane's thirteenth year teaching third grade at Cedar Lane, and her 30th year in education. Wowza! In her spare time, Ms. Lane enjoys spending time with her two sweet children, Samantha and Jackson. Together, they watch movies, bake lots of chocolate chip cookies, and play with Cinnamon Bun, the cat, and other creatures who wander into their house.  Ms. Lane is so excited to be teaching at Cedar Lane and learning with her favorite Lions!
    Feel free to contact me at Leslie.Lane@lcps.org.