• Period 1: Algebra 2  
    Period 2: Planning
    Period 3: Prob/Stats and Discrete Math
    Period 4: Algebra 2
    Period 5: Algebra 2
    Period 6: Algebra 2
    Period 7: Math Dept. Common Planning
    Period 8: Planning
    Classroom Expectations - textbook activation code has been removed from the original, if you need the activation code please e-mail me.
    Quarter 1  syllabus for 2012-13 school year.  Note that this is for the order of the topics, the pacing may be adjusted based on school schedule conflicts and/or student needs.  Please be referencing my HOMEWORK link on the left hand side of this webpage and look for your specific class period.  This will tell you what we did in class on that date and what assignments are for homework.  This includes the decription of the quarter test opportunity available to students for replacing a lower quiz grade compared to the quarter one test.
    Quarter 2   syllabus.  The test replacement opportunity is still in effect.  The test that will be used for replacing will be the midterm for the second quarter.  This is subject to changes - please continue to refer to the daily homework calendar for the most up-to-date information about assignments and material being worked on.  Especially as we enter months with delays and cancellations due to weather.
    Midterm Exam Review Questions - these will be distributed to students before going on Winter Break in the hopes that they will do a few each day.  :)  Due date will be the last day of regular class before their exam.  A purple half sheet is attached to each packet to describe the details in how this review will be checked and when the due dates are.  Please contact me if you need the solutions to these questions now that the midterm exam has come and gone.
    Quarter 3 order of topics.  As always, this is subject to change.  Please use the daily homework calendar for the most up-to-date information. 
    Quarter 3 Test Review Questions- these were distributed to the students the week of March 4-8.  The tentative date for the test is March 19th (per 1 & 4) and March 20th (per 5 & 6).  Students know that we do not have a full class period set aside for review so please ask questions as they arise.  I am happy to check a students' work on the word problems but will not be posting a key.  Only one of the word problems will be on the test, much like getting a writing prompt ahead of time for a history or english class.
    J-Lab Instruction Sheet - please see homework calendar for due dates.
    Second Semester (Final Exam) Review questions.  Answers only posted here.  Please see me if you have questions.  We will have time at the end of each class period between now and when we take the exam.  Questions were offered to students in A-day classes on May 17th and B-day classes on May 20th.  All students will have questions in their hands by the Memorial Day weekend break. 
    Tips and Advice for success in the math classroom at Broad Run - includes help opportunities offered
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