• Period 1: Algebra 2  
    Period 2: Planning
    Period 3: Prob/Stats and Discrete Math
    Period 4: Algebra 2
    Period 5: Algebra 2
    Period 6: Algebra 2
    Period 7: Math Dept. Common Planning
    Period 8: Planning
    Probability and Statistics is the first semester course.  Discrete Math is offered second semester.
    Quarter 1 syllabus - please note that this is used for the order of topics to be covered.  Changes may need to be made based off school schedule changes and/or the needs of the students in class.  It would be best to refer to the HOMEWORK link on the left hand side of this webpage and then click on the specific class for the most up-to-date information.
    Quarter 2   syllabus.  This is subject to changes - please continue to refer to the daily homework calendar for the most up-to-date information about assignments and material being worked on.  Especially as we enter months with delays and cancellations due to weather.
    Midterm Review packet - all students got one copy of this before winter break.
    Quarter 3  order of topics to be covered - the first quarter of Discrete Math.  As always, this is subject to changes.  Please refer to the daily homework calendar for the most up-to-date class information.
    Tips and Advice for success in the math classroom here at Broad Run - help opportunities are listed
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