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    Student Congress is a mock legislative session modeled after the procedure for floor debate in a legislature. It is designed to test a student's ability to speak to an issue in both an extemporaneous and impromptu manner and to reveal the individual's knowledge of parliamentary procedure. Students are assigned to "houses" of approximately fifteen to twenty-five members where they debate pre-assigned "bills" or "resolutions" previously submitted either by students who have have had time to research and to prepare to speak on these issues.

    Each session of Congress is usually 90 minutes long, but times may vary from competition to competition.  A (student) Presiding Officer will run each session.  All speeches must be delivered from the front of the room. Each speech is limited to three minutes. In addition, each speaker is subject to one cross-examination from the members. Notes and prepared material are allowed in delivering speeches. Props and visual aids are not allowed.  Speeches alternate from affirmative to negative, but, while debaters should be able to argue both sides, individual speakers should support only one side of the debate.
    Please cite the sources of the info you put on the worksheet so 
    that you may use them in competition.

    Please ave worksheet completed and ready to turn in to the 
    coach on Thursday. You will not get your topic until you 
    have completed this worksheet.


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