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    Association of Titan Leaders Assisting Students

     The Parent, Teacher, Student Organization at Dominion High School
    2019 - 2020
    ATLAS Board
    President - Amy Curran                                             
    Co-Vice President / Fundraising - Natalie Earley      
    Co-Vice President - Ted Childs
    Co Treasurer - Lita Brown                                         
    Co Treasurer - Teresa Demangos                            
    Assistant Treasurer - Becky Harding                       
    Corresponding Secretary - Lauren Comi                  
    Volunteer Coordinator-Wendy Edwards                           
    Principal - Dr Brewer                                                
    Faculty Representative - Kathy Kaplan                      
    To email the Board - atlas@dominionhigh.com
    Fundraising proposals - fundraising@dominionhigh.com
    ATLAS newsletter / ATLAS webpages
    Lauren Comi              Communication Requests
    updated July 2019