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    LE CLUB FRANÇAIS     :)      

    1-      In order to improve and promote more interest and dynamics in our French department, you will greatly benefit from being a member of “Le club Français”.


    →Meetings will occur once a quarter, most likely on Fridays,   and will be held after school

    →There will be refreshments, baguettes and cheese served during the meeting

    →The meetings will provide an opportunity to converse in French with your friends and the teacher

    →The meetings will provide an opportunity to receive your input on how to maintain high enrollment in French and promote  interest.  We will also be showing some movies and french related videos.


    2-      There is a $20 fee to belong in the French club: this will include all of the refreshments and t-shirts etc…


    3-      Last but not least, the meetings will be a great opportunity to learn more of the French culture and help in all aspects of learning a foreign language.

    4-      Please make checks written to BRHS, French club. The checks will be honored until end of September 2012 !


    ~ Madame Suzette Zablit  et  Madame Marieme Toure


Last Modified on August 26, 2015