• Library Procedures
    All classes visit the library once a week for a 30 minute class.  During their visit students check in and out books, are taught information literacy skills, and participate in read alouds as well as independent reading time.  Students may visit the library to check in and out books throughout the day at the discretion of their classroom teachers.
    Circulation Policy
    library cart
    Preschool- Students may borrow one easy fiction book at a time and keep the book in their classroom. 
    Students may borrow one easy
    fiction book at a time.
    Grades 1 & 2- Students may borrow two books at a time.
    Grades 3-5- Students may borrow three books at a time.

    *Exceptions can be made to the circulation policy by teachers when special projects are occurring and additional resources are needed by students.
    *Students can check out for a 2 week time period and renew the book if it is not being requested by others.
    *If a book is lost or damaged the book will need to be paid for so that a replacement copy can be purchased.