• Student Medication

    All medication should be administered to students by their parents at home if at all possible. Medications administered at school will follow the procedures described below.


    Prescription Medication

    Medication must be brought to school in the original container with the appropriate pharmacy label intact.  Please do not write on the original pharmacy label. If the original label is tampered with, the medication will be returned to the parents to have the label updated with the current orders. Parent/guardian must bring medication to the nurse or health office personnel.  The medication must be accompanied by the appropriate forms that are filled out by the students' provider.  The medications will be kept in a locked medicine area of the clinic. If you ask, the pharmacy might give you an extra bottle of liquid or tablets with the proper amount of medicine for the students for the school year.

     The Nurse/Health Aide must have written instructions from the physician in order to administer prescription medications. These should include:

    •  Student’s name
    •  Name and purpose of medicine
    •  Dosage and time of administration
    •  Possible side effects and measures to take if those occur
    •  End date for administering the medicine
    •  Parent signature giving permission to administer medicine and to contact a physician if necessary
    •  Physician’s signature

     Non-Prescription Medicine

    •   This medication must be in the original package with the name of the medicine and delivery instructions.
    • The medication must be accompanied by the medication authorization form signed, dated along with written administration instructions from the parent.
    • The medication will be given according to the parents' written instructions.

     The following forms need to be completed for keeping medication in the school health clinic:

    Authorization to Administer Medication

    Consent to self-carry an Asthma inhaler

    Consent to self-carry an Allergy Epi-Pen

    These forms can be found on the Tuscarora High School website or the Loudoun County Public School website.

    Storage of ALL MEDICATIONS

    All medication will be kept by the school nurse or designated person in a secure, locked place known by and accessible to any person who may have to administer life-saving medication.  Students may not carry or keep medications in their lockers, sport bags, bookbags, and on their person.  UNLESS they have a signed right to carry forms for Asthma inhalers or Allergy Epi-Pens.


    All required forms can be located on the Tuscarora High School website or on the Loudoun County Public Schools website.