UNIT I


    Tu día escolar

    • Classroom items, activities, and rules

    -   Describe classroom objects and activities

    -   Talk about classroom rules

    -   Express affirmative and negative ideas

    -   Compare the school rules and customs in other countries with those of your own school

    • Extracurricular Activities

    -   Talk about extracurricular activities

    -   Compare people and things

    -   Say what people know/ what they know how to do

    -   Say with whom or what people are familiar

    -   Ask/ tell how long something has been going on

    -   Understand cultural perspectives on extracurricular activities




    Un evento especial

    • Describing What You Wear, Pricing

    -   Describe what you wear for certain events

    -   Understand differences in sizing

    -   Describe clothing and fashion

    -   Talk about going shopping

    -   Understand the different currencies compared to that of the US

    • Daily Routines and Getting Ready for an Event

    -   Talk about daily routines

    -   Describe a special event

    -   Describe getting ready and what you wear for a special event



    De compras

    • Gifts, accessories, buying, and shopping

    -   Talk about buying gifts and accessories

    -   Talk about different types of stores

    -   Talk about what happened in the past

    -   Understand cultural perspectives on gift-giving

    • Clothing, shopping, and prices

    -   Talk about clothing, shopping, and prices

    -   Talk about fashion, material and sizing

    -   Talk about what you want and what you prefer

    -   Understand cultural perspectives on shopping.


    • Review for midterm
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