• Dominion High School – Health and PE

    Grading for 10th

    Physical Education:

    Participation: Students earn 15 points a day during PE.

    1. Dressing out properly for class.
      1. Shirts and shorts are appropriate
      2. No jewelry
      3. Shorts on waist
    2. On task for activities.
    3. Properly performing warm-up exercises.
    4. On time sitting in squads.
    5. Sportsmanship and respect.
    6. Hustle
    7. Practicing safe behaviors.

    Deductions occur for failing to perform the above tasks.

    Tests: Tests / Quizzes are equivalent to a weekly grade.

    1. Sports specific skills and techniques.
    2. Physical fitness
    3. Knowledge test

    The following is for 10th grade only:

    The students will, by law, receive a separate grade for Driver Education.  That grade is then combined equally with Physical Education the first semester.  The second semester the Physical Education  grade is combined with the Health grade.

    Rules To Live By In Class


    1. Think before you act. Always visualize the positives and the negatives of your actions before your act – then make the appropriate choice.


    1. Safety before fun. Never put a seemingly fun action before the safety of yourself or others.


    1. Respect and believe in yourself and then treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.


    1. Each day strive to be better than you were the previous day.


    1. Hustle in every activity. It is the best way to insure “outstanding effort”.