• Quarter 1:  España y EEUU

    •      Personal & Public Identities, Contemporary Life
    •      How do history and geography affect language and culture?
    •      Is the desire to survive enough motivation to push forward in life?
    •      How does nationalism affect everyday life in Spain and Latin America?
    •      What have we learned from oppression, intolerance and lack of freedom?
    •      Present tense, ser vs. estar, gustar & similar verbs, nouns & articles                          
    Quarter 1:  México, Guatemala, Honduras 
    •     Global challenges, Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities 
    •           Current Events/Regional issues
    •       Geography: physical and political     
    •       History, Politics, Literature
    •            What are the causes and effects of migratory movements?
    •            What is the impact of drug trafficking on global economy and social issues?
    •            How can indigenous cultures influence the development of identity?
    •            Preterit tense, imperfect tense, preterit vs. imperfect, progressive forms, telling time
    Quarter 2: El Caribe (Cuba, PUerto Rico, Dominican Republic)  
     How do extremist groups impact political systems?
         What impact did the Cold War have in Latin America?
         How can dictatorships affect the stimulation of new ideas? 
         What role do the media play in the globalization of perspectives, practices and products?
         Subjunctive in noun clauses, object pronouns, commands, possessive adjectives and pronouns, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
    Quarter 2: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama
     How can technology shape the dynamics of trade patterns and new economies?
    How can we compare the political experiences of Cuba and El Salvador? 
    What are the major commonalities and differences among the countries of Central America? 
    Subjunctive in adjectival clauses, reflexive verbs, por vs. para, to become 

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