• Course Narrative

    Title: Spanish V H


    Course Description: Students communicate in Spanish through the sequential development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  A firm foundation in grammatical principles and structures is built simultaneously.  In development of these areas, the student also gains information regarding daily life of the Spanish –speaking world. The students’ common assessments will be parallel to the AP Exam in content and format.  The common assessments as well as the curriculum will incorporate the six AP Global Themes: Global Challenges, Personal and Public Identities, Science and Technology, Families and Communities, Contemporary Life, and Beauty and Aesthetics.


    Learning Expectations:  The students will focus on the following countries throughout the year: Qtr 1 EEUU & Spain, Qtr 2 México & Central América (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador), Qtr 3 Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela), Qtr 4 South America—Andean Region (Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia) and Southern Cone (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay).


                    Listening: The students will develop listening comprehension skills through exposure to various listening activities from fluent speakers as well as their teachers, and peers.  The students will listen to and interpret a variety of texts on various topics in Spanish.  The students will have the ability to recognize the variations that exist among Spanish speakers throughout the world.

                    Speaking:  The students will develop confidence and take risks using Spanish to communicate in situations such as: expressing feelings, responding to basic questions, greeting others, expressing ideas and opinions, talking feely in the target language, asking/giving directions, describing their daily life and surroundings in a variety of situations.

                    Reading: The students will develop reading comprehension skills through exposure to sight vocabulary, pictures as clue to meaning, a variety of reading strategies (silent, group, pairs), cognates, decoding words and the use of a glossary and dictionary.  In addition, the students will be exposed to cultural reading, inclusive of authentic materials.

                    Writing: The students will develop writing skills through exposure to a new alphabet, spelling, and phonemic awareness.  The students will write basic sentences, dialogues, compositions, creative writing, personal letters, responses to questions and directed statements on a variety of topics.

                    Culture: The students will learn to use appropriate formal and informal speech.  In addition, the student will become aware of the daily life and customs of the Spanish speaking countries, as well as their respective geography and history.


    Grading:          Summative: 100%              These will include, but are not limited to, quizzes, tests, essays, journals, projects, presentations, group class work, homework, use of the target language, and notebook.


    This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one language or two years each of two languages.)

Last Modified on August 23, 2016