TurnItIn.com Directions

    Uploading Assignments on TurnItIn.com

    Students may upload to the site at home, school, the public library (with their parents' permission) or anywhere they have access to an Internet connection (again, with their parents' permission).

    Passwords. If a student does not remember her email address or password she set up for her TurnItIn.com account, she should look at the Word document named TurnItIn.doc that she filed in her Social Studies folder in the school's student hard drive. To eliminate any chance of a discrepancy between the email address and password in this Word docment and the email address and password used to set up her account, each student copied and pasted her TurnItIn.com email address and password from this document to TurnItIn.com when she set up this account.

    In other words, if a student followed my explicit directions for setting up her account, TurnItIn.com will never tell her that she cannot log in because of an incorrect email address or password.

    If a student failed to follow my directions on this score, she may recover her email address and/or password through TurnItIn.com's web site. She should choose the security question, "What is your father's middle name?" since that is the one I directed all students to use when we set up our accounts. (A few students told me that they did not know their fathers' middle names. I directed these students to use their fathers' first names.)
    If a student does not know the answer to this security question, he may click the link on TurnItIn.com to have the password sent to the student's email address of record on TurnItIn.com.

    I do not have access to student passwords.

    Format. All documents must be in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or rich text format (RTF). I'm sorry, but no exceptions! If a student does not have Word at home, she may upload the document at school. If a student wishes to prepare her document using a word processor other than Word, the student must open the document in Word and save it as a Word file before uploading. (In other words, the student's word processor format must be readable by Word.)

    How to upload. All students have uploaded a previous assignment on TurnItIn.com, so they know how to do it. If your student nevertheless needs assistance uploading his document, you may refer to these instructions. First, he must log on (see "Passwords" section above). He then selects his class. Then he clicks the "submit" icon next to the assignment in question. In the window that pops up, he should give the paper a name. (I don't care what name the student gives the assignment; however, the program does insist on a name.) He should click the browse button and browse for the document on his computer. Then he clicks "open" and then "submit."

    A window appears with a previw of the paper. Warning! The document that appears seems to have lost all of the formatting the student worked so hard to create! Don't worry, though! I'll see all of the formatting the student has done to his paper. Just click "submit." Done!

Last Modified on October 9, 2009