• Throughout the year LCPS students are assessed in reading and writing in a number of ways.  Students in grades K-3 are administered PALS, the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening, and in grades 1-5 they are assessed with the DRA, the Developmental Reading Assessment.  This helps the classroom teachers determine the student's strengths and challenges, and if they may need additional support for the upcoming school year.  Classroom teachers will aslo take samples of their students' reading and writing abilities throughout the year to determine student progress.



    (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening)


    During the months of September and October teachers will be giving the PALS assessment in grades K-3.  The information we gather from these assessments will show us the areas of strength and weakness in the students and help us to better plan our instruction for them.  If you would like more information on PALS assessment you can log onto their website at: http://www.pals.virginia.edu From the PALS website, parents can go into the Parents Corner via the Instructional Resources for lists of ideas, activities, and web links that can be done with children at home.



    (Developmental Reading Assessment)


    During the month of October, the teachers in grades 1-5 will administer the DRA2.  The DRA2 identifies the student’s independent reading level, their reading fluency, and comprehension of what was read.  In second grade through fifth grade, the DRA2 requires a written response to the story.  With this information at hand, the teachers can provide informed instruction and present developmentally appropriate materials.


Last Modified on May 13, 2018