• Chinese II PACING GUIDE SY 2010-2011





    Vocabulary & Contents




    Chinese 1 review

    Quick review of Chinese 1 vocabularies

    Play related to Chinese I vocabularies through game and doing project or song.

    i.e: Food Items, Classroom Instruction, family members, greeting, weather, color, clothing etc.


    Family Life

    House & Furnishing

    Give & receive instruction of moving the furniture .

    Describe the rooms.

    Related Vocab.: Bedroom, Toilet, Dining Room, Kitchen, Basement, book shelf, lamp, picture, bathtub, deck etc


    CTop, bottom, beside, inside, outside, middle, in front of, behind



    Discuss different style of house in China.

    Find pictures of homes in China and explain how environment influence design.


    School Life

    School Building

    Comprehend the vocabularies of the school buildings and its functions.

    Ask for and give direction within the school building.

    Giving Direction- Turn Left , Turn Right, Go straight, Stop, Corner, etc

    Vocabularies related to school building;





    Compare school facilities in China.



    Leisure & Travelling

    Modes of transport

    How to take taxi in China.

    How to take the train and bus in China.

    How to read the train/bus schedule.

    Vocabularies related to transports.



    How to read to train/bus schedule in China

    Common modes of transportation in China.

    How to recognized the signs in the taxi in China.


    Cities & Places

    Geographic position of the main cities

    CEast, West, South, North, kilometers, meters,



    Provinces of China.

    Tourism in China.



    Shop for clothing/gifts; How to bargain .

    How to return goods. Vocabularies related to shopping.



    Souvenir, business hour in China.



    School Life

    Club Activities

    Describe what they do in their school club activities.

    Ask and answer questions about favorite club activities and justify why they like it.

    Vocabularies related to club activities; i.e.Football, Basketball, dancing

    Arts, cheerleading, multicultural-club,

    Spanish club, lacrosse, tennis , cooking etc


    Chinese common sports, Ping ping, Jian zi, badminton, taiji Comprehend the common club activities in Chinas high schools.

    Community Life

    Special Event &Food

    Invite someone for party.

    Accept / reject Invitation.

    Vocabularies related to special events and

    food of celebration; Mid-Autumn Festival,

    Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival,

    Chinese Independent Day, Ghost Festival etc.

    Celebration Food- Rice dumpling, stick rice cake, mandarin orange. Etc.

    How it make? Grill, Fried, Stir-fried, roast etc.



    Lists of Chinese Festival.

    Research on internet what type of celebration food served for Chinese festivals.


    Personal Life


    Use descriptive vocabularies to express how they feel.

    Comprehend how others feel about emotions.

    Vocab.-Happy, Sad, Impatience, Angry, Bored, Excited,





    Movie, Theater and Museum

    Identify the relation of the Chinese culture to movies, performance theater and leisure.

    Listen to , and observe expressions of the Chinese cultures.

    Identify artwork as the reflection of the Chinese culture.

    Employ thematic vocabulary in the movie and theater.

    Vocabularies related to movietheater and museum.





    Popular entertainments in China.

    Discuss the Chinese opera and acrobat.

    Discuss the famous museums in China.




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