COURSE TITLE:              Mandarin Chinese II


    PREREQUISITE:              Mandarin Chinese I


    DESCRIPTION:                 Students will review, strengthen and amplify the basics of Chinese Level I this course. The basic objectives are to continue to help each student attain an acceptable degree of proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and to present the language within the context of the contemporary Chinese culture. Chinese characters will be reviewed and more characters introduced systematically as they relate to the listening/speaking activities conducted throughout the course.


    MAIN TOPICS:        

    v  Greetings and Introductions

    v  Formal vs. Informal situations

    v  Restaurants, Food and Culture

    v  Mathematics

    v  Numbers and Time

    v  Days, Months, and Calendar

    v  Natural Resources

    v  Geographic Features

    v  Classes, Schedules, and Supplies

    v  Interests and Leisure Activities

    v  Weather and Seasons

    v  Clothing

    v  Cities, Places, Activities, and Transportation

    v  Travel, Money and Shopping



    Students will differentiate between formal and informal exchanges and demonstrate comprehension of more complicated thoughts and ideas expressed by their teacher, peers, and multimedia. Students will demonstrate this comprehension via various classroom activities of the topics covered in the curriculum. Students will listen carefully to the various tonalities in sound and intonation patterns in order to process reproduction of sounds, words, and phrases correctly.


    Students will refine their production of the early concepts learned in Chinese I  from the listening phase via repetition and drill sequences presented in class in various activities. Students will demonstrate attention to accuracy of register in introducing self and expressing greetings, ask and answer questions, and perform in rehearsed and spontaneous situations with the topics at hand. Accurate pronunciation and tonality is a definite component of this skill.


    Students will learn to recognize written Chinese characters and their various sounds, pictorial and cultural connections, and relationships to words/phrases previously acquired through listening and speaking. Students will be expected to master Chinese characters as they are introduced in a variety of realistic situations in classroom activities so that they are comfortable with reading at a pace similar to that of conversation discourse learned at the speaking level.


    Students will learn to reproduce in correct stroke order all Chinese characters related to the topics of study in individual, word, and phrase form. It is important for students to master each character as it is introduced since they shall be components necessary to connect to future words/phrases in topics of study.


    Students will be able to acquire knowledge of daily life, customs, and current events and become aware of verbal and non-verbal cultural differences. They will learn basic geographic features of China and become cognizant of the contributions of the Chinese to other world cultures.



    CREDIT INFO:                  This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one language or two years of two languages).  

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