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    Community Coffee Presentations

    2023-2024 Presentations


    Middle School 101


    Community Coffees from Previous Years



    bul prev

    JML Bullying Prevention Presentation

    October 2022SAP


    Substance Abuse Prevention

    Drug & Alcohol Trends Parent Presentation

    December 2022



    CAMPUS Opportunity

    Parent Presentation

    January 2023




    Rising 7th Grade Course

    Selection Process

    Parent Presentation

    January 2023





    Rising 8th Course Selection

    Process Parent Presentation -

    January 2023


    april coffee pic         april coffee recording


    Social Media


    September Parent Presentation - Middle School 101

    Video Recording of MS 101 Parent Presentation on 9.17.21

    Rising 8th Grade Parent Information 2022



    September Lunch & Learn - Middle School 101

    October Lunch & Learn - Bullying Prevention

    November Lunch & Learn - Substance Abuse & Prevention

    Grit and Perseverance in Children by Neil McNerney.mp4

    November Lunch & Learn - Grit & Perseverance


    December Lunch & Learn - Parenting Adolescents Through Distance Learning


    January Lunch & Learn - Rising 7th Grade Course Selection


    January Lunch & Learn - Rising 8th Grade Course Selection


    February Lunch & Learn - Support for Parents of Transgender Students


    March Lunch & Learn - Supporting Your Child through Challenges

    April Lunch & Learn - College Planning

    Links from The College Place Parent Presentation 4.19.21

    Ryan Bartel Teen Resources

    FORTitude Teen Workshop

    To register, visit this link


    Anxiety Resources


    Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety in the COVID Era

    Video by Jonathan Dalton, Ph.D.


    In Tune Session

    Offered by A Place to Be

    A Place To Be is a nationally recognized, award-winning, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people face, navigate, and overcome life challenges using the clinical evidence-based practices of music therapy.

    To inquire, go to:



    Parenting Course

    Parent Wise

    This is a FREE companion course for parents of teens taking one of our courses. Parents have many concerns these days about their teens and the challenges they face, and our course covers a wide range of issues.

    Parent-Wise Overview

    This course will help parents:

    - guide their teen on how to deal with peer pressure

    - build their self esteem

    - know the warning signs of substance use for parents to look out for

    - use our symptom checker

    - fact sheets / quizzes for parents and to share with their teen (these can also be printed and used even after they finish the course)


    Resource Websites for Families

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