•     Small Groups

    One of our School Counselors leads the small groups. Parental permission is required.

         Please contact us for more information by e-mail or phone.



    The goal of the self-confidence group is to help students recognize their own strengths and gain confidence in making and keeping friends.  The small group setting helps the students also develop a positive attitude about school and learn to persevere in new or challenging situations.  

     Social Skills Groups

    The goal of this group is to support students in practicing skills such as taking turns, developing empathy, following rules, learning social cues, and solving conflicts.  The small group setting also gives students the opportunity to learn about making and keeping friends.  Quiet, shy students have a supportive, comfortable place to practice speaking up and expressing their thoughts and feelings.


    Family Illness
    The goal of this group is to support students who have a family member with an illness.  Through activities, games and discussions, students gain support with the school counselor and other students dealing with a family illness. 
    The group also teaches coping skills and allow students to express their feelings in a caring environment.  
                                                                                                 Worry and Stress
    The goal of the group is to provide support and  resources for students who worry and stress a lot.  The small group setting allows students to identify the cause of their anxiety and recognize the how the body reacts to this.  The school counselor teaches the students strategies to deal with stress such as deep breathing, exercise, developing positive thoughts.