• Mrs. Lisa Barcenas - 9 Week Plan.

    Community Based Instruction (Periods 2 and 3)

    • Review work and community based instruction vocabulary
    • Discuss checklist - grade is based on checklist reviewed after each CBI trip.
    • Work Appearance
    • Work Behavior -role playing
    • Shopping - making lists, finding items, paying money, change, discounts, sales,  taxe
    • Developing resume
    • Jobs in school and classroom - to be determined
    • First job in the community - to be determined
    • September 23 - Students go out on first CBI trip - see calendar.
    Personal Living and Finance (Period 4)
    This course focuses on functional math skills to prepare students for the world of work and assist in making wise consumer decisions. As well, each student will follow an individualized program based on their IEP goals and specific weaknesses. For the first 9 weeks, students will focus on learning and refining money skills (counting, adding, subtracting, multiplication and division.) when "purchasing" items. This will also include calculating taxes and discounts. 
    Basic Skills (Period 5)
    This class will emphasize vocabulary usage from other classes most especially from English, Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science. We will also work on developing organizational skills, and study skills to enable the students to be become more sucessful in Core and Elective classes. Part of the period may also be used for additional tutoring and studying.
    Developmental Reading (Period 7)
    During this class for the first 9 weeks students will be reading non-fiction pieces focusing on decoding, context clues, and comprehension (which includes literal and inference questions).
    English (Period 8)
    During the first 9 weeks students will write short, personal essays about themselves, school, etc. Students will use the following process to complete the assignments: brainstorming, graphic organizer, rough draft, editing and final copy. There will be no homework in this class for the first 9 weeks. 


Last Modified on September 2, 2009