• Cast List:

    Andrew Powers, age five                  Chance McGill

    Meredith Wilson, age six                   Andria Papalabrakopoulos


    Andrew Powers, age fifteen               Arman Jaiswal

    Meredith Wilson, age sixteen            Lauren Antonik


    Andrew Powers, age forty-four           Brady Rufo

    Meredith Wilson, age forty-five           Sydney Ivey


    Andrew Powers, age sixty-six            Aaron Eichenlaub

    Meredith WIlson, age sixty-seven      Kaitlyn Lanigan



    Booth:                                                       Kylee Clark and Charlotte Tantum

    Crew and Understudy for Meredith, age 45 and Meredith, age 67:     Chloe Burroughs

    Crew and Understudy for Meredith, age 6 and Meredith, age 16:        Autumn Cantrell


    If you were not cast, please let me know if you would like feedback during your Ram Jam class time.


    Show Dates

    District Comp Date:  Feb. 4th, 2023

    If we move on:  Regionals - Feb. 18th, 2023

    If we move on:  States - March 4th, 2023



    12/2  8:30am - All Call

    12/9 8:30am - Age 66 and 67

    1/6  8:30am -  Age 44 and 45

    1/13  8:30am - Age 15 and 16

    1/27 8:30am - Age 5 and 6

    2/3 8:30am -  All Call

    2/3  4:30 - 9pm - All Call


    Cast will be required to:

    Not change their appearance unless approved by Gilligan

    Must be able to provide the majority - or all - of their costume.

    Be able to attend all of the rehearsals and performances for the full amount of time.


Last Modified on November 18, 2022