"Dare to be you,
    Dare to be me,
    Dare to be different and unique. 
    Iam going to be the best me I can be by...."
    Carmen Calhoun
    Mrs. Grinkley has been teaching since 1989. She began her teaching career with Loudoun County Public Schools in 2001 as a Special Education Teacher at Eagle Ridge Middle School.  Prior to becoming a Briar Woods Falcon, she taught at Belmont Ridge Middle School.  Mrs. Grinkley is a Norfolk State University graduate.
    Welcome to Family Life Education
    There are at least three ways for families to get information about specifics pertaining to the Family Life Education program in Loudoun County Public Schools:
    1.)  All Students receive an envelope on the first day of school that contains a Family Life Education Packet.  This packet lists the SOLs to be covered at each grade level and the possibility for parents to OPT their child out of the program.
    2.)  FLE curriculum guides are available in the Loudoun County Public libraries and the school library.
    3.)  A Parent Preview session is provided for parents to look over the materials, watch the videos used in class lessons, and the curriculum guides (containing the SOLs) are also available.  FLE teachers are available to answer concerns and questions.
    I will be teaching at three schools this year.  Please Email me if you have any questions/concerns Germaine.Grinkley@lcps.org.