• United States and Virginia History

    Course Description:  This course examines the political, social, cultural and economic growth of the United States and Virginia, and requires an SOL be taken in May. Students will be asked to keep an interactive notebook, in which they will keep all notes, warm-ups and assessments. One way to fully comprehend history is by being an active student, so ask questions, be alert and be involved in class discussions

    Textbook:  You will be issued “The Americans”. Please keep this book at home. A class set will be available in the room.

    Grading Policy:  Tests- 100 points each
    Quizzes- up to 50 points each
    Homework- 10 points each
    Interactive notebooks- 25 points each
    Class participation- 10 points each
    Writing Assignments and Projects- 100 points each
    Students will be keeping interactive notebooks in history class. The notebooks will be collected at the end of each quarter and will be graded on the following items:
    1. Color and visual images used
    2. Material is in order, attached neatly, titled and dated
    3. Work assigned is completed and on time
    5 Subject Notebook - students need a 5-subject HISTORY ONLY notebook.
    Colored pencils or different colored pens (blue, red, green, etc) - these will be used for mapping activities as well as note taking.
    Glue stick or tape

    Absences When a student is absent it is the student’s responsibility to make up the missed work. Students are encouraged to come during FLEX if they need additional help.

    Academic Integrity: The bottom line is “Do your own work”. You and I will never know what you know if the work is not your own. Incidences of cheating will not be tolerated.
    First Quarter Topics:
    The Great Convergence
    American Colonies and Mercantilism
    French and Indian War
    The American Revolution
    Creating a New Nation
    Presidency’s of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison
    Second Quarter Topics:
     Age of Jackson/Manifest Destiny
     Causes of the Civil War
    Civil War
    Third Quarter Topics:
    Industrial Age
    US Imperialism and WWI
    Great Depression and New Deal
    WW II
    Fourth Quarter Topics:
    The Cold War
    The Civil Rights Movement
    Womens Rights
    US Domestic Policies


Last Modified on February 4, 2009