WELCOME to Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool!
    STEP (Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool) is a locally (LCPS) and State-funded (Virginia Preschool Initiative) program that serves 4 year old children who reside in Loudoun County. Students are found eligible through certain criteria.  Children
    must be 4 years old on or before September 30 to be eligible for STEP.


    Children attend STEP Preschool for 3 hours 5 days a week.  There is a morning session (7:30 to 10:30)
    and an afternoon session (11:10 to 2:10). 16 children may be enrolled in each session. 
    Children are provided with transportation to and from school. Please look under the "Child Info" tab on Parentvue to find your child's bus information. If you are providing alternative transportation or changing your child's transportation please let us know or contact the school office.
    AM students are provided with breakfast and PM students are provided with lunch. Families may choose to spend a packed meal to school as well. If your child has any dietary restrictions or allergies please let us know as soon as possible.
    We will playing outside every day that weather permits. Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes and shoes. Make sure their name is on any jackets or hats. 
    Things we do at school!
            *Paint       *Color     *Run    *Sing     *Dance      *Build     *Play    *Read   *Write   *Count   *Explore     *Take Turns   *Share   *Cooperate   *Help    *Compare   *Question   *Create    *Pretend


    Information for the STEP Preschool may be obtained by calling