• homework
    Homework is important. It is an extension of the learning that takes place in school. Homework can provide practice and drill that reinforces classroom learning and can provide opportunities for independent study, research, and creative thinking. Parents can help their children by arranging a quiet, comfortable place for their children to work and by seeing that assignments are completed. The amount of homework that a teacher assigns will vary from day to day. As a general rule, children in the primary grades should be required to spend approximately thirty (30) minutes daily doing homework. Children in grades 4 and 5 should spend approximately one hour per day. Of course, students work at different rates, so the time children take to complete homework varies. Students may also have additional class work to complete which they did not finish during the school day. Long-range reports and projects are expected to take more time than the general guidelines suggest. Parents should use their own discretion when their child has been working longer than the homework guidelines suggest. Please notify the classroom teacher if your child is consistently working at home longer than the suggested guidelines listed above.