• Stop, Walk, Talk

     Loudoun County Schools will continue the bully prevention program called Stop, Walk and Talk. This program works to empower students by teaching them problem solving skills, positive behaviors and bully prevention techniques that are manageable and sustainable.  Students will focus on identifying problem behaviors and strategies to deal with them as well as whom to go to in the school if a problem occurs. 

    Every LCPS student in grades K-5 will be taught:

    • What bullying is
    • How to respond to bullying behavior
    • How to respond if someone tells them to "stop"
    • School counselors will provide lessons during the month of October that focus on the three steps.

    STOP:  Tell the bully to stop in a firm voice...if that doesn’t work...

    WALK:  quietly walk away.  Walking away removes the reinforcement for the problem behavior.  Students will be taught to encourage each other if they see appropriate responses to bullying to eliminate the bystander effect...if that doesn’t work...

    TALK:  tell an adult you can trust (i.e. teacher, counselor, administrator, parent, etc).  If students have tried to solve the problem behaviors themselves through the stop and walk techniques and the bullying continues they will then tell an adult who can take care of the problem. 

    Implementing this program county-wide ensures that the protocol for reporting bullying is clear for students, parents and staff.  It also promotes a school climate characterized by acceptance, positive interest, respect and involvement with adults. 

Last Modified on September 13, 2011