• Outside the classroom- Photography Class- Agreement


    I understand that as a photography student I have the opportunity to leave the class and take pictures either within the school building or on school grounds during Block 1.  I also understand that with this privilege comes personal responsibility.  With this responsibility, I will abide by all school rules, not disrupt other classes, or students, and will make good decisions and choices while I am out taking pictures.  I will be mindful of the time while I am outside the photography room, and get back to the class at the time established by Mrs. McDyre before leaving the room.  I will also be at the location where I say I will be working for photography class.  If at any time these guidelines are violated I risk losing my freedoms and privileges not just for a period of time, but possibly permanently.  

    By signing this statement, I take responsibility for myself and my actions while I am out taking pictures during Block 1.  I understand that Mrs. McDyre trusts my judgment to have the privilege to be out of the class to take pictures.



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Last Modified on September 12, 2011