• The 2022/2023 RVHS Theatre Managers, Asst. Managers (and some Mentees- more will be added later)

    Talent Show Event Coordinator

    Managers:  Beckett Rice, Andria Papalabrakopoulos, Emmi Caretti, and Chloe Burroughs

    Asst. Managers: Chance McGill and Aimee Soriano and Arman Jaiswal


    Homecoming Parade Event Coordinator

    Manager:   Sarah Lehner

    Asst. Managers:  Emmi Caretti,  Aimee Soriano, and Patricia Avalos


    Princess Play/Super Hero Day Event Coordinator

    Managers:   Katie Tirrell, Aaron Eichenlaub, Lauren Antonik, and Sarah Lehner

    Asst. Managers: Beckett Rice and Kaitlyn Lanigan

    Mentees:  Andria Papalabrakopoulos, Arjun Dawar, Autumn Cantrell, Madison Florczyk, and Chloe Burroughs


    Publicity Director

    Manager:  Aaron Eichenlaub

    Asst. Managers:  Kylee Clark and Chance McGill


    Head of Web announcements and Riverside Media

    Managers:  Emmi Caretti and Kylee Clark


    Head of RVHS Social Media sites

    Manager:  Madison Whitbeck

    Asst. Managers:  Simone Dotson, Chance McGill, and Kaitlyn Lanigan


    Head of Pre-show photos, event photos, and promo videos

    Manager:  Madison Whitbeck

    Asst. Managers:  Patricia Avalos and Emmi Caretti 


    Head of Community and school advertisement

    Managers:  Patricia Avalos, Kaitlyn Lanigan, and Kylee Clark


    Coffee House Manager

    Managers:   Beckett Rice, Andria Papalabrakopoulos

    Asst. Managers:   Arjun Dawar, and Sydney Ivey, 

    Mentees:  Simone Dotson, Autumn Cantrell, and Aimee Soriano


    Murder Mystery Event Creative Team

    Beckett Rice

    Kylee Clark

    Arman Jaiswal

    Ethan King



Last Modified on November 14, 2022