• BWHS Photography Class - Camera Check out Agreement

    It may become necessary to check out a camera for the Art Dept. in order to complete a photography assignment at home.   This equipment (35mm and digital cameras) are the property of Loudoun County Public Schools.

    Late Fee:  In addition to the terms of camera usage has been deemed necessary to ensure all students’ equal accessibility, as there are not enough cameras for each student to use one, and we share them.  Students not returning BWHS equipment on the date due will be responsible for a $2 per day penalty.  Unpaid fees will be treated as a ‘deficiency’ at year’s end.  Any fees that maybe collected will be deposited in the BWHS Photo account and used for the purchase of additional equipment. 

    Students who turn cameras in after check in date or return damaged/broken cameras will be restricted to use of school equipment on BWHS grounds.

    It is imperative that equipment be returned as quickly as possible!

    I understand that I am responsible for any damage or loss incurred during the Sign-Out Period* and agree to pay to repair or replace said damage or loss.  (Average replacement cost is approximately $375)

    Students Name (printed)______________________________________________ Date_______

    Students Signature _____________________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________Date________

    *Sign out period begins at signed receipt of equipment and ends with return to instructor… Typically 10 days.

Last Modified on September 9, 2011