The school counselor will work with students individually to discuss many issues such as help managing difficult situations or making good choices.  Students may meet with a counselor on an individual basis up to three times before parental permission is required.  However, if it is the professional opinion of the school counselor that the issue being discussed warrants a call home, the student’s parents will be contacted as soon as possible.  If a student is encountering an issue that requires more than three individual meetings with the school counselor, the student may benefit fromm more extension services than school counselors can provide. The school counselor will contact the parent to offer a referral to a local provider. 

    Students can see the school counselor several ways:
        1.     They can tell their parents or teacher they want to see the counselor.
    1. They can write a note or fill out an “I would like to see the counselor” slip (each classroom has these available) and drop it in the mailbox located outside of Mrs. Fulkerson’s office.
    2. Their teacher might recommend that they see the counselor.
    3. An administrator might ask a counselor to meet with a student to explore appropriate behaviors and choices.
    4. Parents can request services. 

    The counselor might ask to see them or ask if they want to participate in a group or lunch bunch.

Last Modified on September 15, 2011