• This course pairs a review of Latin grammar and vocabulary with the reading of authentic passages from various Roman authors in preparation for the AP course. It provides students with the skills necessary to translate the authentic text, read aloud Latin verse in meter, analyze stylistic technique, and interpret the author’s intent through word choice, syntax and mythological and historical allusions. An exploration of the pertinent history and mythology is also incorporated into this class. Students continue to broaden vocabulary through the study of English derivatives.
    Latin V does not follow my usual grading policy.   The class is project and assignment based.   All assignments, projects, tests, and quizzes will be assigned a certain number of points.   Grades are determined by the total points earned divided by total points possible.  Assignments and their points will be announced at the beginning of each quarter.
    Latin V Pacing Guide

    Marking Period 1

    -Review of grammar and additional AP grammar
    -Ovid- minimum Apollo and Daphne; other selections of Metamorphoses and Amores at teacher discretion

    Marking Period 2

    -Cicero- selections from the Pro Caelio (Stage 46, Unit 4 text) and others at teacher discretion

    Marking Period 3

    -Vergil- teacher selections from the AP syllabus

    Marking Period 4

    -Caesar- teacher selections from the AP syllabus

Last Modified on September 11, 2017