¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

    EspañolSeñora Goldstein


    Loudoun County High School


    I.                     COURSE OBJECTIVES: 

    ·         Communicate effectively in real-life situations with the target language.

    ·         Broaden educational backgrounds through language development and cross cultural awareness.

    ·         Foster healthy attitudes about people of other cultures.

    ·        Provide motivation for continued study to achieve higher levels of proficiency in the target language.


    II.                  MATERIALS NECESSARY FOR CLASS: 

    ·          Each student is expected to bring all materials to each class.  In addition, students MAY be asked to bring a Spanish-English dictionary and index cards.  The following materials are needed for the school year:


    •   Their agenda
    •   3 ring binder with dividers 
    •  paper and a pen / pencil  
    •  charged chrome books 



    III.                       MAKEUP

      • If you are absent, obtain your make-up assignments from homework buddy prior to your next class.  You can come by the classroom to pick up your While You Were Out form prior to the next class. You are expected to come back ready to continue with all activities, including previously announced quizzes, tests, and projects. You must schedule an appointment for your make-up quiz or tests no later than one week after missing quiz or test. 
      • Use your homework buddy and “While you were out” form to keep up with any missed work.

    ·         If a student goes on a school-sponsored field trip, assignments are due the next class just as if the student were present in class.  


    IV.                EVALUATION: 

    ·         Active engagement using the target language is a key component in a student’s evaluation.  The use of English at inappropriate times will lower the grade.  Students will be expected to demonstrate mastery through proficiency based activities which incorporate speaking, listening, reading and/or writing skills.  The student's grade is the average of the following components:

        • 0%:Practice/Formative ( homework, exit tickets, administrative forms)
        • 100% Mastery/Summative (Quizzes, Tests , Graded class assignments , graded homework, use of target language and projects)

    ·         There will be end of quarter assessments.  CPA

    Retakes on evaluations : 1.Student must complete all assignments to be eligible

                                            2. student recieves a 60 or lower on original evaluation 

                                            3. Only grammar evaluation can be retaken



    ·         Students with quick questions or who wish to obtain assignments are encouraged to come by the classroom before or after school, or preferably to communicate via email.


    Behavior Contract

    Sra. Goldstein

    Spanish/// Español

    Class expectations:

        1.  Be prepared.

        - Bring agenda, paper, and writing utensil to class each day.

       - Turn in homework assignments on time and completed before coming to class.

    2.      Be respectful.

        -Of your teacher, fellow classmates, and classroom visitors.

        -Of the classroom and materials in it.

    3.      Be on time for class.

    -  On time means in class, in your seat, and ready to work when the tardy bell


    -  Begin the warm-up activities as soon as the tardy bell rings.

          4.   First 10 / Last 10.

         - Students may not leave class during the first 10 or the last 10 minutes of

            regular class time.

    5.  Be a class participant.

         -  Students are expected to be in class and to participate in class activities all


         -  Students need to raise their hands to respond to questions, unless otherwise


         -  Understanding that needs arise

    a.       permission must be given to exit the room; sign out and sign back in on designated sheet

    b.      students will use the rest rooms closest to the classroom

    c.       a rest room trip may not exceed three minutes

    d.      one student out of class at a time   

          6.  Be appropriate.

      Cell phone, iPod, or other electronic devices may not be used or visible

        during class time unless instructed by teacher.

    Food or gum is prohibited in class considering we are trying to verbally communicate using the target language. Drinks are allowed as long as there is a lid or cap on the container. Preferably water bottles.


          7.  Dismissal.

     I will dismiss you at the end of class, not the bell:  please remain in your seats   

        until you are dismissed.




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