Course components:


                   1. Pre-reading activities and vocabulary

                   2. Grammar review

                   3. Essays

                   4. Cloze exercises

                   5. Reading comprehension and discussion activities

                   6. Speaking tasks

                   7. Listening activities


    Pre-reading activities and vocabulary:The pre-reading activities vary according to the reading selection and the thematic unit. If the reading is from the book, there is a set vocabulary. If the reading is something based on current events, the vocabulary will be developed from the text.


    Grammar review:The grammar book provides an excellent review. It includes basic grammatical concepts. Although students should have mastered much of the grammar, a quick review of even the most elementary concepts is beneficial. As the grammar becomes more and more complex students will refine their skills as they apply these concepts to oral and written assignments.


    Essays:The instructions on the essays are similar to those found on the AP Exam. As the year progresses more time is devoted to essay writing incorporating more advanced structures and better organizational skills.


    Cloze exercises:Students practice completing cloze exercises comparable to the AP Exam. Strategies are developed to facilitate the selection of the appropriate semantic elements.


    Reading Comprehension and Discussion Activities:Discussion activities revolve around current events as well as the literary texts covered in class. Activities range from rudimentary comprehension to comparative analysis.


    Speaking tasks:Students practice speaking including AP picture sequences and short answer questions.


    Listening activities:Listening resources include textbook related materials, as well as authentic and relevant samples from native speakers.



    CREDIT INFO:       This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma. All students enrolled in AP classes are expected to take AP examination. AP final grades are “weighted” by 1.0 if the student passes the course and takes the related examination.


Last Modified on September 14, 2011