COURSE TITLE:   German IV Honors




    DESCRIPTION:      In German IV Honors, students will refine their comprehension and communication skills in the context of authentic texts and various literary works. The course uses a thematic approach, including such topics as current social issues, travel, the environment, media, music and art.




    Students will sustain understanding over longer stretches of connected discourse and grasp principle ideas of more specialized presentations.


    Students will demonstrate ability to communicate in a variety of contexts with a wider range of grammatical structures with greater accuracy; will circumlocute occasionally to express thoughts. German will be used in classroom communication.


    Students will read a wider variety of texts with greater consistency of comprehension.


    Students will refine and expand their use of complex grammatical structures in creative writings and guided writings.


    Students will explore cultural aspects of German-speaking countries in greater depth, with an emphasis on current social issues.



    CREDIT INFO:       This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma. All year long honors courses receive a “weight” of .5.

Last Modified on September 19, 2011