COURSE TITLE:   German II


    PREREQUISITE:   German I


    DESCRIPTION:           German II continues to emphasize the communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This course requires students to practice communicating in a variety of practical situations. The reading selections emphasize vocabulary development and further expose students to learn grammatical structures in context. Written work demonstrates correct use of vocabulary and syntax. Students continue to explore various aspects of German culture.





    Students will learn to distinguish and comprehend more complex speech by a variety of native speakers.


    Students will refine and reinforce previously learned vocabulary and structures in statements, questions and answers, and initiate limited conversation.


    Students will read for global comprehension, summarize the content of reading selections, and answer questions based on contextual clues.


    Students will be able to use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization; to respond to questions; and to compose sentences and short paragraphs using appropriate grammar structures.


    Students will explore cultural aspects of German-speaking countries in greater depth.


    CREDIT INFO:             This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one languageortwo years each of two languages).

Last Modified on September 19, 2011