Chorus Notes – Posture, Breathing For Singing & 3 Essential Techniques for Good, Healthy Singing

    The 5 most important things to remember with standing singing posture are listed below starting from your head and working down to your feet:

    1.    Head– straight and tall (noble)

    2.    Shoulders and Upper Body– shoulders back and relaxed – rib cage lifted,    
           back straight

    3.    Arms and Hands– by your side

    4.    Knees– slightly bent (not locked - keep them loose)

    5.    Feet– shoulder width apart

     Posture used when singing while sitting remains the same for Head position as well as Shoulders and Upper Body position. Seat yourself forward on the edge of your chair and keep your feet flat on the floor.  Music should be held up enough that you can see the director and so that you are not singing into your lap.  Do not cover your face with the music.


     Breathing for singing: (Diacostal = diaphragm + intercostal muscles)

    1.    The breath should be silent

    2.    Your abdomen should expand when you breathe (belly breath – that is where your    
           power comes from)

    3.    Shoulders should remain still (Think of expanding outward instead of up)


    The 3 essential techniques for good, healthy vocal production:

    1.    Use diacostal breathing

    2.    Raise soft palate (get that “yawn-y” feeling)

    3.    Drop jaw for open mouth and pure vowels (tall open vowels, not wide closed vowels)



Last Modified on May 12, 2017