• Sources for Citations Style


    Papers written for publication in professional journals must be formatted according to the criteria of the association to which the journal editors adhere. Not only do the citations follow particular formats, but the body of the paper, headings, and internal references also follow particular formatting rules. One of the primary reasons for this attention to a common format is to make it easier for the reader to understand purpose, procedures and conclusions of complex research. It also enables the reader to more easily locate related information from the references page.

    Styles used by Broad Run High School
    teachers and students:

    • APA (American Psychological Association) for social sciences papers
    • MLA (Modern Language Association) for literature and English, arts and humanities papers

    The websites listed below provide examples of  the various styles used for citing sources.


    • A Citation and Research Form will help you keep track of your sources as you collect bibliographic information during the research process. Print a copy of this form for each source, staple your notes or original print outs to this form to keep track of your sources. 
    Remember: "Cite as you go."
    Why do the research twice?