When a student arrives late to school or to class, this encourages the formation of undesirable personal habits, hurts the morale of students who are on time, reflects a negative attitude towards the class/school, creates disruptive problems in the hallways, and disrupts the instructional process for the school. Tardiness is not acceptable because it disrupts class, reflects a negative attitude toward the class, creates disruptive problems in the corridors, and develops a habit, which could make future employment difficult. 

    Tardy Policy:

    Only 3 tardies per quarter will be excused when a parent note/call is provided.  Any further tardies due to illness must be accompanied by a doctor’s note in order to be considered excused.    

    • All tardies due to medical appointments must be accompanied by a doctor’s note to be considered excused.
    • Tardies due to a family emergency can only be excused by an administrator. 


    **The following will not be excused: oversleeping, power outages, car trouble, traffic, and missing the bus.


    Unexcused Tardy to School per quarter:

    Students are considered tardy to school if they arrive to school after 9:15AM. Please note that the following reasons for coming late to school will NOT be excused: oversleeping, power outages, car trouble, traffic, and missing the bus. A student who is late to school must bring a note to excuse the tardy within 48 hours or the parent/guardian must call the attendance line (571)252-2302 to inform the school of the late arrival.

    Parents/guardians may only excuse three tardies per quarter.

    The consequences for unexcused TARDIES TO SCHOOL PER QUARTER are as follows:

    • 1st Tardy —  Warning
    • 2nd Tardy — Warning
    • 3rd Tardy —  Warning
    • 4th Tardy —  One LUNCH detention 
    • Each additional tardy after the 4th - other disciplinary consequences by the administration

    Please Note: 



    The consequences for unexcused TARDIES TO CLASS per quarter are as follows:

    •  1st Tardy — Warning from teacher
    • 2nd Tardy — Warning from teacher
    • 3rd Tardy —  Teacher assigns afternoon detention and contacts parent
    • 4th Tardy —  Referral to administrator

    *The unexcused tardy to class policy pertains to all class periods


    Arriving to school after 10:45a.m.:

    Students who arrive at school after 10:45 a.m. are considered absent from their first block class.  If the late arrival is UNEXCUSED the student will be assigned one AFTERNOON DETENTION upon arrival.


    Tardies for After-school Activities:

    To participate in an after-school activity, students must arrive to school by 9:15 a.m., on the day of the activity. Any student arriving, unexcused tardy, after 9:30AM will not be permitted to participate in after-school activities. Tardies to school accompanied by a note from the particular office (medical, dental, etc.) are excused and the student will be allowed to participate.

    Please Note:  parent excused tardies are excused-but student cannot participate.