PREFERRED METHOD-Planned Early Dismissal Request:


    To alleviate excessive classroom disruption, if your student requires an early dismissal during the school day - it is requested that Parents/Guardians send a note to the attendance office, with the student in the morning before 9:15AM, so a pass can be issued.  The note must include the following:  Student's name and ID number, the reason and the time the student is leaving, a parent signature and phone number.  Any note received after 9:15AM must be left with the Attendance Office for processing - please allow one hour for processing - and the student will be responsible for stopping back to the Attendance Office - at dismisal time - to pick up their pass.  Any student leaving the building without their pass will be referred to their Assistant Principal.

    *Please note- any student who becomes ill during the day, must go to the clinic. Students who need to leave school due to an illness, may only check out from the clinic. 


    Unplanned/Emergency Early Dismissal: 

    Parents/guardians who have made an appointment for their student after their student has arrived at school may do any of the following:

          1 - Parents may FAX a note with a copy of their driver's license to 571-252-2301. Please allow ONE HOUR from time FAX is received for processing.

          2 - Parents may email a dismissal note with a copy of their driver's license to BRHattendance@LCPS.org.  Please allow ONE HOUR from time EMAIL is received for processing.


    **please note if you choose not to attach your driver's license, we cannot process your request-


    FOR LAST MINUTE DISMISSALS - A Parent/Guardian must come into the school to pick up their student.  Please note-this type of dismissal can exceed 15 minutes or more depending on the availability within the school to retrieve your student.  Because it is disruptive to the teacher, the students and classroom instruction, Broad Run does NOT call into classes.  With this type of dismissal, the parent is required to go to the attendance office, fill out a parent dismissal slip, and show identificiation.  We cannot call your student out of class prior to your arrival at Broad Run.  


    *NOTE — We cannot accept phone calls for early dismissal.


    Early Dismissals for After-school Activities:

    Any student receiving an early dismissal must bring in a note from that particular office (doctor, dental, etc.) upon return in order to participate in extra-curricular activities that day.  Students receiving a clinic dismissal for illness during the school day will not be permitted to participate in after-school activities.