How do I get my child released early?

    Parents/guardians who have made an appointment for their student may do any of the following:

          1- Parents may use their PARENTVUE AP- to request a dimissal

          2 - Parents may email a dismissal request to BRHATTENDANCE@LCPS.ORG 

          3 - Parents may FAX a note to 571-252-2301

          4 - Parent may send in a handwritten parent note in the morning.  NO parent notes are accepted after the first class block each day.

    * Please be sepcific in all requests, make sure you include student's full name, student's ID #, time they are leaving, and reason for dismissal.

    ** Please allow ONE HOUR from time received for processing.


     ILLNESS Dismissal-CLINIC-

    any student who becomes ill during the day, must go to the CLINIC to be dismissed.  

    EMERGECNY LAST MINUTE DISMISSALS - A Parent/Guardian must come to the school to pick up their student.  Please note-this type of dismissal can exceed 15 minutes or more.  Because it is disruptive to the teacher, the students and classroom instruction, Broad Run does NOT call into classes.  With this type of dismissal, the parent is required to go to the attendance office, use their PARENTVUE APP or the BRHATTENDANCE@LCPS.ORG email- parent must show a form of identification.  Your student will then be emailed a pass.

    *Please Note- We cannot call to alert your student , nor can we call your student out of class prior to your arrival at Broad Run.  

    ** We cannot accept phone calls for early dismissals.



    Leaving Campus Without Permission:

    Leaving campus without approval is a violation of the discipline policy and will be addressed by the Broad Road Run High School