• Tardy Information

    A student is tardy when he or she arrives at an assigned place after the time his or her schedule requires him or her to be there. Repeated or habitual tardiness is an undesirable personal habit and is also disruptive of the orderly instructional process; therefore, teachers and administrators have the option to take corrective action.           

                    Students who are tardy to school are expected to present a parental note or other official note upon arrival to school; students without notes will automatically be assigned an unexcused tardy. **Valid reasons for tardies include medical or dental appointments, illness, death in the immediate family, or court appointed appearances.** Any arrival after 9:30 a.m., without a note, will result in immediate parental notification by the administration. Continued patterns of excessively late arrivals will result in disciplinary action as well as loss of credit for daily work.

                    All athletes, team managers, and extracurricular activities participants (including academic squad members and band/music/drama members) must be at school by 9:15 a.m. to participate in the activity or practice on any given day, and must remain in school for the entire day. Exceptions may be granted for medical or dental appointments or court appearances, when and only when, an official note is provided.

    Tardy To School (per semester):

    1st: warning

    2nd: parental contact by the attendance office

    3rd: detention hall

    4th: detention hall

    Additional tardies: Administrative discretion


    Tardy to class (per semester):

    1st time: warning

    2nd and 3rd: teacher detention and parental contact

    4th and 5th: administrative detention

    Additional tardies: administrative discretion