PFHS Expectations

    Mrs. Keller


    9th Grade Health and PE




    Classroom Grading     

    Semesters 1 & 2: Physical Education

    Semester 1: First Aid/CPR/AED

    Semester 2: Health

    ALL Grading will be based on a 100% scale for both semesters

    90% Major Summative

    10% Minor Summative


    • First Aid Workbooks: Each 9th grade student will receive a workbook containing all

    classwork/homework worksheets, notes, etc. You will be responsible for keeping track of the workbook you are given at the beginning of the semester.  If you lose your workbook, you can purchase a replacement from your teacher for $5.

    • The STUDENT must arrange all make-up work.  Work that is not made up by the end of the quarter will

    result in a ZERO.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain information on all notes, handouts, and assignments when a

    class is missed. All content will be posted in Schoology on the day it was covered. This should be done

    the next day that the student is in class, if not sooner

    • All missed assessments will be made up the day of your return, if you were present when the material

    was covered.  All quizzes & tests will be posted/announced in the Schoology course calendar ahead of time.

    • During the second semester, 9th grade will be working within the Health curriculum.
    • Grades for assignments that have been completed will be posted/updated in Phoenix within 10 days.


    PFHS PE Dept. Retake Policy

    • Retakes will only be granted on assessments below an 80%, and only after all formative assessments have been completed that pertain to the material that is being retaken.
    • The retake must occur during the same quarter that the initial assessment was given.


    Classroom Rules

    • ALL PHONES must be placed in a backpack when the bell rings. No phones should be visible during class time.
    • There will be no drinking of beverages in the classroom with the exception of water.  No soft drinks,

    Gatorade, Starbucks drinks, etc.

    • Students are not permitted to sit at movable chairs in the classroom.
    • Students are expected to be in the classroom when the bell rings.  All other instances will result in a

    tardy unless a pass is presented. 




    Tardy Policy: Frequent tardiness will result in a loss of classroom privileges.


    • If you leave the room and return with items from the vending machines/ cafeteria, are found anywhere

    in the building without permission, or you are gone longer than necessary, you will lose your privileges to leave the room for an extended period of time. 

    • No student will be permitted to leave the classroom to use the restroom during the first or last 10

    minutes of class. Please visit the restroom BEFORE coming to class and do not be tardy.

    • Students must bring their workbooks, laptops, and other supplies needed for class EVERY DAY.   
    • Please use appropriate language and behavior in class!  Repeat offenses of inappropriate behavior will

    result in a loss of points and a referral.

    • Be respectful to all students and teachers in the room.


    Physical Education Grading

    • Every student starts with a 100% for their daily P.E. grade
    • Each day you are not dressed for PE you will receive a ZERO for your daily grade.
    • Points will be deducted from a student’s grade if expectations for PE and attire are not followed. 

    Including: following uniform guidelines, wearing jewelry, safety rules, poor sportsmanship,

    disrespectfulness and lack of participation.

    • When you are not dressed out for participation, you will be expected to sit where your teacher assigns

    you.  Do not ask to visit the cafeteria, locker rooms, go see other teachers, socialize/distract other students who are participating in class, do homework, etc.


    PE Expectations & Rules

    • NO PHONES will be allowed in the gym during class time! These should always be left in the locker

    rooms.  Lock it in your locker!

    • All students will be required to dress out in APPROPRIATE athletic attire during PE class.
    • Students should keep an extra change of clothes in their PE lockers to use in case of an emergency.

    No school clothes or street clothes may be worn for PE.

    You may wear t-shirts with sleeves and appropriate shorts.  Students may NOT wear tank tops, crop tops, tube tops or sleeveless shirts.  Failure to follow these requirements will result in a point deduction from your daily grade. 

    • You MUST wear proper athletic shoes.  NO slippers, sandals, Crocs or boots. Failure to bring proper

    shoes will result in a zero for your daily grade. You will not be allowed to participate in PE in non-

    athletic type shoes.

    • Locks and lockers will be assigned.  Make sure you secure your belongings.  You are responsible for

    your lock and locker for the entire year.  PLEASE USE IT!  You are NOT permitted to share a locker with another student.  If you lose your lock, notify your teacher immediately so they can help.  If your lock cannot be found, you will need to purchase a new one for $5.00. 

    • Please report any theft immediately to your teacher and the school Safety Security Officer.
    • Athletic locker rooms will be locked from 9:30 - 4:18. You are NOT permitted to use the athletic team

    locker rooms to store your PE stuff.  No access will be granted during the school day.

    • You may NOT eat or drink in the gym.


    PE Procedures

    • You must be in the GYM before the tardy bell rings. NOT IN THE HALLS!  Any other instance will result

    in a tardy.

    • When entering the locker room, you will have 7 minutes to dress and report to your teacher.
    • After you are dressed, report to the designated area and sit in your assigned seat with your class. Extended time in the locker room will result in a tardy back to class.
    • Anyone found playing with equipment before being told to do so, will lose half of his or her PE

    participation points for the day. Do not touch PE equipment without asking!


    Illness/Injury Notes/Absenteeism

    • Doctor’s notes must be turned into the clinic BEFORE SCHOOL - NOT JUST BEFORE CLASS. The nurse

    will give a copy of the note to the teacher.

    • Parent notes are only accepted to excuse the student from PE for NO MORE THAN 3 CONSECUTIVE

    SCHOOL DAYS.  All notes written by the parent must be signed and must have a phone number where the parent can be reached. A parent note only excuses students from or modifies the activity; the student is still expected to dress out. Failure to dress will result in a loss of participation points.

    • If you are absent from class:  A student’s first absence from PE will be an excused absence without any

    deduction of points from their PE grade. Each subsequent absence, after the first, will result in a zero

    until the student makes up that missed class time. Regardless of the nature of the absence, the missed

    time from class needs to be made up, just as if you’d missed work from any other class.

    • Make-Up PE: Make-Up PE will be available during your own personal CORE Study Hall period. It is the

    student’s responsibility to coordinate with their teacher.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at school or via email. 



    Mrs. Keller


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