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    Mr. Bryce Anderson
    Rising 6th Grade Music Information
    This year will be my 10th year teaching orchestra at Smart's Mill Middle School. I graduated from Loudoun Valley HS in 2002 and from Shenandoah University where I received a bachelor of music education in 2006. I absolutely love teaching middle school and seeing how much my students grow from 6th to 8th grade.
    I live in Aldie with my wife Liz, 2 kids, Eva (age 5), Finn (age 2), and our dog Zoey.
    I believe that orchestra should be a fun and exciting part of my student's life. The orchestra students work hard every day to grow as musicians and young adults. When the students start in 6th grade we learn the basics of their instrument, music theory, and have 2 amazing concerts. In 7th grade, we continue to learn more about the instruments and the music gets much more challenging. They will have 4 concerts in 7th grade and learn around 15 full-length songs. 8th Grade is a culmination of their practice and hard work with over 15 different performances and 30 songs. This is only possible with lots of deliberate practice and support from their parents.
    This year we will have a few online concerts or recitals. Focusing not as much on whole group playing but solo and small ensemble performances.
    Most parent communication will be via email and through parent portal. Students will be using Schoology and Smart Music to submit some tests and assignments. 
    I hope you all have a great school year!
    Bryce Anderson
    9 Weeks Plans
    6th Grade - Continue working on learning all the notes on the D and A string. Learning 4/4 and 3/4 time. Learn how to count 8th notes and rests.
    7th Grade - Continue working on learning new playing techniques, Staccato, Slurs, Hooded Bowing, Accidentals, C Natural, F Natural, and our E string and C string.
    8th Grade - Continue working on our solo performance skills. Focusing on intonation, tone, and technique.