• Douglass Alternative Education Center


    High School 3.5 x 4 Program


    This is the largest program at Douglass. It offers a personalized environment with a maximum of 15 students per class.  Students take three 90-minute classes and one 45-minute class and can earn seven credits in a school year. A variety of credit and non-credit classes are in the 45-minute block:  slower version (yearlong) of traditional classes, SOL prep, Basic Skills, EL support, PEERS, Nova class, and study hall. 


    The Academy Program – Credit Recovery (part of the 3.5 x 4 program)


    Four teachers provide credit recovery opportunities for students in the CORE subject areas during the 45-minute class.  The program resembles the LCPS summer school model.   Students who have failed a class and need to retake it are eligible to be in this program.  The goal is for students to be able to expedite their credit earnings.

    Focus groups for the Academy Program:

    • Older EL students
    • Students who did not graduate in June and only need a couple of courses to finish

    Referrals come from home school counselors and placement is voluntary.


    Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP) Program


    Prepares students, ages 16 to 18, for the Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) exam.  Emphasis is placed on the basic academic skills preparation needed to pass the GED exam, career assessment and exploration, and development of work readiness skills.  Students come and go throughout the year in this program.   Over the course of the year, the program can serve up to 40 students, with a maximum of 15 students at a time.

    Middle School Alternative Education Program


    The Douglass middle school classes are located in the portable unit behind the building.  Students struggling within the traditional school setting often find success in this individualized setting.  This is both a voluntary and an involuntary program.  Class sizes range from eight to ten students.