• Overview

    LCPS Head Start Program


    Charisse Rosario: Head Start & STEP Supervisor

    Shranda Arietta: Head Start Secretary/Bookkeeper

    Head Start is a federally funded preschool program for low income families who have a child who will be 4-years-old by September 30th of the school year, or, a child in the Sterling area who will be 3-years-old by September 30th of the school year.
    • The program is available and free to those who qualify by age and by income.
    • Four of the six classes are held Monday through Friday for four (4) hours in the morning and 2 other classes are held Monday through Friday for 6.5 hours.
    • Children are bussed to and from school or daycare (in the same boundary as home), and receive breakfast and lunch while at school.
    • Classes have 17-18 students with a teacher and a teacher's assistant (except one 3-year-old class, which has 15 students).
    • The High/Scope curriculum is used which views children as "active learners" who learn best from activities that they plan themselves, carry out, and they are able to reflect upon. Children are encouraged to engage in a variety of experiences that help them to make choices, solve problems, and contribute to their own development.
    • Head Start is a family program and we encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom, serve on the Policy Council, and to attend monthly Family Connection meetings held at the school.
    • We have 2 master level Family Services Professionals and a nurse who help families with mental health, employment, parenting, health insurance, and other family issues.

    Contact Information:
    LCPS Head Start & STEP Program
    43711 Partlow Rd
    Ashburn, VA  20147
    Head Start PH:  (571) 252-2110
    STEP PH:  (571) 252-2118
    FAX: (703) 669-1444
    E-MAIL: Head Start
Last Modified on September 11, 2019