• Classroom Guidance Topics
    Buffalo Trail's Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program includes classroom lessons designed to assist all students in academic, social, and personal domains in order to achieve success in school.  Lessons are closely aligned with Virginia's standards for character education. 
    1st Marking Period Topics
    Welcome/Counselor's Role 
    Bully Prevention 
    2nd Marking Period Topics:
    Using Kind Words/Manners
    Growth Mindset
    Setting Goals
    3rd Marking Period:
    Careers (2-5)
    Conflict Resolution (2-5)
    Study Skills (3-5)
    Test-taking Strategies (3-5)
    Organization (3-5)
    4th Marking Period:
    Anger Management (2-5)
    Middle School Transition (5)
    Service to the Community (2-5)
Last Modified on January 8, 2018