• Welcome to  First Grade!

    What Your Child Will Learn in First Grade

    First grade is an exciting time for new literacy skills. Your child now knows at least 2,000 words or more! They have a better sense of how words and language work and can hear individual sounds of more complex words. By knowing their letters and letter sounds, we will begin to explore Phonics on a deeper level.  They will learn to become better spellers and learn more snap words (words you know in a snap).  In math, they will learn more about number sense,  geometry, addition and subtraction, and much more. But your first grader still needs plenty of encouragement and support with routines and expectations! 

    Children will start to become less confident at this age if they feel that they're not smart or that they're not doing well. So give your child extra doses of support this year. First graders can talk more about their feelings, so be sure to listen and help encourage their efforts throughout the school year.  Teach your child to be more independent and responsible by doing chores around the house, cleaning up after themselves, and keeping track of their belongings.  Listen to them read aloud and continue reading with them, even if they can read independently.  Work with your child to create a positive learning attitude! 




Last Modified on August 2, 2023