Meet Mrs. Quante
    Mrs. Quante is so excited about returning to KWC this August.  This will be her eleventh year teaching at Ken Culbert. Mrs. Quante is looking forward to teaching her new group of fifth graders!
    Old Dominion University is where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  She is consistently taking additional classes and workshops in order to stay current with the changes in the field of education. She received her certificate in Digital Design and Learning in Schools from George Mason University. Additionally, Mrs. Quante participated in an LCPS workshop on teaching gifted learners. 
    Fifth grade is a busy year with an emphasis on encouraging children to take more responsibility for their learning. We support each other while discovering our many strengths. 
    Mrs. Quante lives in Hamilton with her husband, two big mutts, and four chickens!  She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and playing with her chickens.
    Mrs. Quante can't wait to meet her new group of crocs!