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  • Administration Contacts
    Principal: Monica Edwards
    Assistant Principal: Stephanie Worthley
    Financial Technician - Tammy Milner

    Arrival/Dismissal Times

    As announced by LCPS, arrival/dismissal times for Culbert will be 20 minutes earlier for the 2022-23 school year. Below is the bell schedule for Kenneth Culbert Elementary:


    7:10 am- Parents can begin to drop off students in the car line, buses begin to arrive at KWC

    7:30 am- School starts (any student arriving after the 7:30 bell will be marked tardy)



    2:10 pm- First bell, notifying students of dismissal in 5 minutes
    2:15 pm- Dismissal

    Registration Information:

    Lindsey Flanagan, Registrar 

    For registration: You will be contacted regarding your registration appointment once you complete the online registration.  

    For full registration information please see the site shortcuts. 

    Main Office Phone: 540-751-2540
    Student Health Office: Becky Wolf

    Mental Health Team

School Board Members