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    Here at Steuart Weller Elementary we are fortunate to have access to many technology programs and are deeply immersed in integrating technology in our curriculum.  Our school has four computers in each class, one lab with twenty eight computers, two carts of 22 laptops, and seven Xbox Kinect consoles.  We also have interactive whiteboards in each classroom, 60 Neo2 units that allow students to type and share their writing and access to programs that allow for interactive learning.  We have a Technology Resource Teacher as well as a Technology Assistant.
    We strive to integrate technology in the maximum appropriate manner into the regular classroom curriculum. While the technology department has its own goals and outcomes, we teach those in an integrated manner, rather than as a separate "computer" program. For example, some students learn how to use presentation software so that they can present the results of their social studies classroom research. Fifth grade students learn to use spreadsheets when they analyze and graph the data they collect in science class.  Children have online literacy circles, and correspond with peers their own age while they perfect their writing skills.  
    It is exciting to learn at Steuart Weller Elementary, as technology is definitely a quintessential part of everything we do.
Last Modified on October 26, 2015