American Education Week
    November 11th - 15th, 2019
    AEW Flyer
    AEW STEM Supplies

     Please click here for a downloadable copy of the 2019 American Education Week flyer.


    Please click here for a downloadable copy of the "Awesome-Gram".





    Please help us celebrate public school education, terrific teachers, and parent involvement by participating in as many of the following activities as possible! 


    bfast  Monday (Nov. 11th): PTA will host a breakfast for our teachers and staff members. 


    kcups  Tuesday (Nov. 12th): Students – Bring your teachers/specialists favorite K-Cups. Extra K-Cups will be gathered in the teacher’s lounge to be shared by all teachers.

    awesome  Wednesday (Nov. 13th): Students - Design and cut-out an “awesome-gram” (click here to download) letting your teacher/specialist know how amazing they are!

    stem  Thursday (Nov. 14th): Students – bring STEM supplies for your classroom. Please see the flip side of this flyer for teacher name and suggested STEM supplies.

    lunch  Friday (Nov. 15th): Lunch for the teachers and staff sponsored by the PTA.


    *This is a PTA-planned event, participation is optional and not required! Grade-level activities are also planned for the classroom.


    You Are An awesome   Teacher because 




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